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Weight Loss for Senior Health

Information about weight loss for seniors including the different types of diets avaialble and how they can fit into a healthy balanced diet and promote weight loss.Includes information on the most popular diets including Atkins and the South Beach Diet.
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Preventing Weight Gain During The Holidays
Holiday celebrations can make it difficult to stick to your healthy eating program. These tips can help you enjoy your holidays without weight gain.

South Beach Diet
Information about one of the most popular and successful diet books around. Includes links to a few recipes.

Perfect Fit Diet - Book Review
An intriguing way of looking at weight loss, from the viewpoint that we all come to the table with different needs, likes and expectations.

Seniors Weight Loss Tips
Obesity is now considered a major health crisis in the US. This article features simple but effective tips for seniors who want to lose weight

Weight Loss for Seniors
Losing weight is more difficult as one gets older and the metabolism slows down. This feature gives some advice for overweight seniors

Review - Walk Away the Pounds
Review of the book "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansone. This 6 week program is for beginners and advanced walkers.

Preventing Weight Gain During The Holidays
Tips and recipes for healthy holiday eating, from your guide.

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