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Top 5 Bathing Aids


Updated June 15, 2007

Older adults with osteoarthritis and other conditions that may limit mobility often find it difficult to maintain independence especially when it comes to bathing. Getting in and out of a bathtub can be difficult without assistance. Bathrooms can also be very dangerous with mobility or balance problems.
These products can help seniors stay safe and independent in the bathroom.

1. Adjustable Transfer Bench

Transfer Bench for Bath
Adapts easily for left or right hand showers! Transfer bench provides easier access for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the shower. Features height adjustable legs , removable back and arm, built-in hand held shower holder and suction feet. Overall width is 30". Supports up to 350lbs. Easy to assemble. No tools required. Durable and rust proof.
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2. Blow Molded Bath Board

Clamp On Bath Board
This bath board offers a convenient seating option for use in the tub. It clamp on the side if the tub, providing a solution for users who don't require the support of a transfer bench, but do need help in transferring. Textured, non-slip surface Portable and easy to install Fits most bathtubs.Weight limitation 250 lbs.
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3. Swivel Bath Transfer Seat

This seat is made for the patient with very limited mobility needing much help with bathing. The caregiver can assist the patient into the chair, then swivel the chair to the correct position.Seat dimensions: 16" x 16"
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4. Versa Bath Seat

This bath seat is priced much higher than most but does have features that can help the senior with a higher level disability maintain independence.
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5. Adjustable Shower Seat

Adjustable shower seat with removable back and arms assists in sitting or standing and makes personal hygiene easier. Features height adjustable legs , suction feet and a built-in hand held shower spray holder. Supports up to 300lbs.

Feedback - Making Bathing Easier

A visitor has some concerns about her mother in law and her ability to bathe herself. Do you have some additional ideas for her?
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