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Equality of Sexes Helps Assure Sexual Satisfaction With Age


Updated April 20, 2006

New research indicates that the Women's movement did more than help improve wages and working conditions for women. I may have helped improve satisfaction with their sex lives as they grow older. A new study, " The Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors" focused on sexual well-being, aging and health. Researchers found that older couples who live in western countries where equality of the sexes is more common are more likely to report increased satisfaction with their sex lives. They also found that older people reported less satisfaction with the physical and emotional quality of their sex lives when they lived in countries where men have a traditionally dominant role over women. These nations were in East Asia and in the Middle East.. A University of Chicago research team conducted the study that involved over 27,000 people in 27 countries. They also found that most people who have partners maintain an active sexual relationship as they age.

During the study participants were asked about their overall happiness with their lives and with their sexual lives. Researchers also asked them about physical and mental health conditions, including sexual dysfunction; their personal attitudes toward sex; and their attitudes toward various social and demographic factors, including age, education, income and religious affiliation.

Researchers did find that participants who reported overall higher levels of happiness in their lives also felt happier with their sexual life. They also found there were differences among the sexes - men reported higher satisfaction with their sexual lives, than did women overall. They also found that respondents in western countries reported higher satisfaction with their sexual lives than did study participants in middle eastern and Asian countries - with the far eastern countries being the lowest.{

In pointing to these results researchers felt that gender equality was the important factor in becoming and d remaining satisfied with one's sex life. They also found that age was not a factor and that most people no matter what culture they come from remain sexually active as they age, when they have a life partner.

SOURCES: Archives of Sexual Behavior, April 2006

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