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Updated May 25, 2006

Your About Health Guides have put together these special reports to help you deal with the many pressures of the holiday season.

  • A Letter To My Pal Santa
    In Jody LaFerriere's hilarious "Letter to Santa," she writes to the Big Man himself, and wondering about Santa's weight and one-day-a-year job, and asks if he's ever had his thyroid levels checked. "Dear Santa: Are you hiding a goiter under your beard?"
  • Allergic to the Season?
    Allergies Guide Judy Tidwell has tips for avoiding seasonal sneezes.
  • Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain
    Or "Here We Grow Again" - advice from Weight Loss Guide Jennifer Scott on how to enjoy the tastes of the season without overdoing it.
  • Bah, Humbug!
    Bipolar Guide Marcia Purse shares her personal experience in dealing with SAD during the holidays.
  • Cabin Fever Ramblings
    Are you suffering from a touch of Cabin Fever? Healing Guide Phylameana lila Desy sympathizes with feelings of confinement and feverish depression.
  • Coping With Loss
    How can those that have a loss feel like celebrating? Here's help from Dying Guide Michelle Baskin-Jones.
  • Diabetics: Handling the Holidays
    With all the treats, sweets, and other temptations of the holiday season, this can be a particularly challenging time of year for people with diabetes. Discover some strategies for coping.
  • Deck the Halls - Seasonal Special
    The holiday season can be especially stressful to those who suffer from a sleep disorder. Here are a few tips to help you cope, from Guide Florence Cardinal.
  • Does a White Christmas Make You Blue?
    Too often we spend holidays angry, stressed, and blue. Nancy Schimelpfening asks, why does this happen and how can we avoid it?
  • Feeling SAD As the Days Grow Shorter?
    Depression Guide Nancy Schimelpfening says it's not just the holidays that can cause the blues, it can be insufficient exposure to sunlight.
  • Five Ways to Beat Holiday Weight Gain
    The holidays are almost here! Taking control right now can help you avoid holiday weight gain and look great just in time for New Year's.
  • Fun, Family, Cheer and Pain?
    Holidays . . . they're the best . . . they're the worst. The winter holidays should be special times filled with people, warmth, and good cheer. Headaches can definitely create some problems with our holiday plans. With a bit of planning and working ahead, we can reduce the toll headaches can have on this time of year.
  • Getting Together with Family
    Family times are dreaded by some because of the memories which they bring back. Leonard Holmes suggests ways to manage family-related holiday stress.
  • b] The Gift That Came Too Late
    "Being There" is the best gift, so if you have children or grandchildren, you should not miss this poignant heartwrenching story by Jenn. Quitting smoking is the ultimate gift you give yourself and your loved ones.
  • Hectic Holidays
    Good Christmas advice for people with arthritis from Guide Carol Eustice.
  • Holiday Blues and Seniors
    There are special emotional dangers for seniors at this time of year. Guide Marian Eure has excellent advice for coping.
  • Holiday Dangers
    Ways to keep the holiday season a lot safer, from Alcoholism Guide Buddy T.
  • Holiday Mental Health
    Holidays can bring on a confusing array of emotions for anyone. Guide Cathleen Henning helps you prepare.
  • Holiday Stress
    Americans, as a whole, are stressed out bunch of people at the best of times. Add to that the extra stress of the Terrorist attacks of September 11 and the anthrax scare, and you have those people treading very close to the overstressed level.
  • Not So Happy Holiday
    Holiday support for those dealing with infertility or the loss of a baby from Robin Weiss, Pregnancy Guide.
  • Prevent Holiday Burnout
    Is your holiday season more manic than merry? If you have too much to do and too little time, read these suggestions from your About Guide on avoiding holiday burnout.
  • SAD: Real and Treatable
    Seasonal Affective Disorder information from the female perspective by Tracee Cornforth, About.com Guide to Women's Health.
  • Seasonal Depression
    'Tis the season to be depressed? Mental Health Guide Leonard Holmes describes the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • When Grief Comes Home for the Holidays
    If someone you love is experiencing grief this holiday season, here's what you can do to offer them comfort, from Guide Nancy Schimelpfening.
  • Winter Moods
    Bipolar Disorder Guide Kimberly Bailey's look at SAD includes a list of symptoms that might help your sense of humor kick back in.
  • Your Quick Holiday Workout
    If you're crunched for time during the holiday season, a little circuit training can go a long way. Learn how to do it right.
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