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Preventive Measures to Maintain Health for Seniors

There are many diseases, illnesses and injuries that can be prevented by vaccination, early detection or other measures. Look here for information on preventive measures you can take to help prevent disease or injury and maintain health.
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More Hospital Patients Have Pressure Ulcers
Information about the increase in pressure ulcers being seen in the nations hospitals.

High Stress Connected to Illness
This study shows a connection between stress and a weakened immune system.

Longevity: It's Your Choice
Living to 100 or more may be a matter of the lifestyle choices you make earlier in life. Learn about sucessful aging

Chocolate Part of A Healthy Diet
Chocolate is full of antioxidents that can help protect the heart.

TV Health News Not Always Accurate
Report on a study of local TV newscasts and how they report on health issues.

Seniors and Life Expectancy
Information about aging, health and life expectancy.

Holiday Health Tips
Top tips for staying healthy during Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years with exercise, healthy eating and health information.

Healthy Holiday Tips From About Health Guides
Keep your winter holidays healthy and happy with these tips from several of the About Health Guides.

Healthy Home Environment
Your home sweet home may not be the healthy environment you thought it was. This article has information about improvements you can make to improve your home and reduce health risks from mold, mildew, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other health risks.

Friends Important to Longevity
Are friends or family more important? This report on a study on aging and longevity points to close friendships being more critical in living a longer life.

Electric Toothbrushes May Be Better At Fighting Plaque, Gum Disease
Information about medical research on the beneficial effects of electric toothbrushes.

Obesity Shortens Life Expectancy
Information about a study that predicts life expectancy may decline as obesity increases.

How I Smoking
A personal testimony of my battle to quit smoking.

Create a Dust-Free Bedroom
Information on staying dust-free to help ease allergies.

Stems Cells
Information about stems cells.

Flu Vaccine Shortage
Due to a shortage of flu vaccine for the 2004-2005 flu season only those individuals in high risk categories should have the vaccine administered.

Physical Activity Not Encouraged by Physicians
Feature that discusses a study that shows physicians are not discussing health improvement with their patients.

Home Sweet Home
Tips to help keep the environment inside your home safe and healthy.

Winterize Your Skin
Summer or winter, the environment is hard on older skin. Learn how to keep your skin healthy and young looking.

Adult Immunizations
Immunizations are not just for kids. Check out these reccomendations for adult immunizations.

20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors
To help prevent needless pain and suffering from medical errors, seniors can follow these tips for safe health care.

An Aspirin A Day
Read about the health benefits of this everyday pain reliever in the prevention of second heart attack and stroke.

Blood Donation
Find out how you can save a life today.

Flu season Approaching
Have you had your flu shot. Tips from your guide to help you stay healthy this flu season.

Flu Vaccine Supply Update
News from the CDC on the supply of flu vaccine as the flu season approaches.

Health Risks Of Overweight
Obesity has grown to epidemic proportions in the US. Check out this review of the health risks of those extra prounds.

Healthy Aging - The Challenge
Important research on aging and preventing the disabilities of aging.

How to Create a Dust-Free Bedroom
Dust and dust mites are the biggest cause of allergies and asthma. These tips can help you to free your home of dust and allergy problems.

Keeping Cholesterol Under Control
Elevated blood cholesterol is a leading cause of heart disease. Learn how to keep it under control.

National Cholesterol Education Month 2000
September is cholesterol education month. Learn ways of lowering cholesterol and improving your health.

Pictures of Health Photo Gallery
A gallary of photos submitted by visitors to Senior Health. These photos highlight the measures seniors are taking to improve their health, through exercise, diet or other actions.

Seniors Should Get A Flu Shot
Everyone over the age of 50 should get a flu shot every year.

The Healthy Lifestyle
An article, from your guide, on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Find A Flu Shot
Information about finding locations that provide flu shots to the public.

Your Annual Checkup
Make your annual checkup worthwhile by knowing what your doctor should be looking at.

How to wash your hands
A simple how-to on effective handwashing that can help prevent illness caused by bacteria and virus that may come in contact with your hands. Help yourself and others to stay safe and healthy.

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