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What financial help is available in Canada to help pay for nursing home care?


Updated March 14, 2006

Question: What financial help is available in Canada to help pay for nursing home care?
I am a senior living in England my mother aged 92 is at present in a care home in Port Hope Ontario. She has been there since March 2004. She has enough funding which includes her pensions and now very limited savings to last approximately another 8 weeks after which there will be a shortfall of about $800. As I am on a limited and fixed income myself I am unable to contribute to her care. Could you please advise as to what financial help is available to seniors in Canada in her position.
Answer: Paying for long term care in Canada is the responsibility of the patient according to the information I found. Basic rates at these types of facilities are regulated by the government. The residents income is taken into consideration and finacial assistance is available to cover the differences in costs.

You need to get in touch with the administrator at the care home and discuss the financial situation (this is usually done when someone first enters the facility). The administrator or someone in the financial department should have information on applying for government assistance for your mothers care. You should have someone in Canada who can act as an agent for your mother in her financial affairs during the application process if she is not able to do this herself.

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