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Do I need to see a doctor about my rash?


Updated November 06, 2005

Question: Do I need to see a doctor about my rash?
I have a very itchy rash on my hands and feet, on my hands it is in the form of lots of tiny lumps under the skin and the itch is unbearable it even bleeds because in my sleep I scratch it so much. My feet are completely broken out in scabs and sores and again the itch! Please help as I didn't want to bother the doctor with a rash
Answer: My advice is that you do seek medical attention. I am not able to diagnose or advise on your medical condition. No ethical health professional would give anyone a diagnosis or treatment advice "sight unseen".

While many conditions are self-limiting and improve with simple home remedies, your rash seems to be causing you enough discomfort that seeing a doctor would be appropriate. Severe rashes that do not respond to over the counter treatments need to be evaluated by a physician. You state that the itch is "unbearable" and that you are scratching to the point of bleeding, those word imply that you need professional medical care. Scabs and sores on your feet may limit your mobility and make you prone to infection. If you are a diabetic it is especially important that you see a doctor.

If money to pay a doctor is an issue, you still have some options. Many cities have free or low cost health clinics where care is billed according to what you can pay.

Updated 11/04/2005

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