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Digestive Tract Disorders That Affect Senior Health

Many seniors are affected by disorders of the digestive system, making it hard to maintain adequate nutrition. There is a lot of information available about causes, treatments and prevention.

Long Term Effects of Mineral oil
Question from a visitor about the long term effects of mineral oil on health.

Definition of the term flatus also known as gas in the digestive tract.

Definaition of the condition known as gastritis, or inflammation of the stomach.

Liver Biopsy Diagnostic Test
Liver biopsy is a diagnostic test that removes a small peice of tissue from the liver to examine for damage or disease. This article explains how it is done with preparations needed.

Swallowing Disorders
Information about swallowing disorders that affect seniors.

FAQ Dumping Syndrome
Information about dumping syndrome that can happen after some intestinal and abdominal sugeries, espcially gastric resection.

Gallstones Causes
Information about the causes of gallstones.

Gallstones Defined
What are gallstones and how do they form.

Information about the causes and treatments of common constipation.

Consider Surgery For GERD Carefully
Information about a study that shows that surgery may not be the most effective treatment for GERD.

This inflamation of the pancreas canbe acute or chronic and cause a lot of pain.

Information about this disease of the digestive tract that can be effectively treated with surgery.

Answers to your questions about gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

Crohns Disease
Crohns disease can make life very difficult for those suffering with it. Learn all about this disorder.

Peptic Ulcer
Basic information about this condition that can cause pain and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Dysphagia is a condition that causes difficulty swallowing. Learn about the causes and treatments.

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