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Using technology to find the best eldercare.
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"I have an elderly friend who lives all alone and has several ailments. He has diabetes, a bad foot, glaucoma, a bowel condition, a heart problem, and many other conditions. His medical history is huge. Anyway, I am really concerned about him. He had decided that he would go to a nursing home, but he can't seem to get his PRN. He said that a nurse from Visiting Nursing Services was coming, but no one has come yet. Is there something that I can do to speed up the process? Please help, I want him to get to a nursing home as soon as I can."
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Experts predict we are heading towards an eldercare crisis in this country. By the year 2020 one fifth of the U.S. population will be over the age of 65. Finding appropriate eldercare for our parents, grandparents and other loved ones when they need it may prove to be the biggest challenge for families in the future.

Unfortunately the need for eldercare usually follows a healthcare crisis. Many families find themselves faced with this crisis unprepared, and during a very stressful time. Hospital stays these days are much shorter and patients are discharged with much higher needs than in the past. Your beloved mother who lived alone and managed well may not be able to go home without help, or may not be able to go home at all. If this is the situation you find yourself in then the scramble to find home care, assisted living or a nursing home begins. The hospital will have a social worker who can offer some help, but they are often short of time. The burden of finding the best, and most appropriate care will often lie squarely upon the shoulders of the family.

I had the pleasure of talking to Robert N. Bua recently. Mr. Bua is the President and Founder of National Eldercare Referral Systems, Inc, from which Care Scout.com was born and author of "The Inside Guide to America's Nursing Homes". He is also a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and lawyer. He has seen the crisis situations that American families are going through. He has brought his experience and expertise to the internet to help families find the best eldercare for their needs.

Mr. Bua stated he set up Care Scout to help Americans make smarter health care decisions. Unlike many eldercare referral businesses Care Scout receives no payment from the nursing homes and home health industry. Income is derived from licensing the information and then compiling this information into comprehensive reports. Consumers can then purchase these comprehensive reports. The site additionally provides help in tracking a loved one's care needs.

What Care Scout does is help families to find the most appropriate type of care, and then target specific facilities that can provide this care. Additional information is also available which includes history of any violations cited against the facility, consumer feedback and feedback from professionals. The benefit is that consumers receive the most trustworthy and objective information available. There needs to be a high level of trust involved in placing the care of a loved one in someone else's hands.

For a mobile population such as the one we have here in the United States the new Internet technology is proving to be very helpful for families. Should you use Care Scout or not, is a personal decision. There are many families who will not be faced with these types of decisions. But should you or a loved one need to make arrangements for eldercare, it is comforting to know that such help is available. Health care providers are becoming wired and using the same technologies. More books and information are available than ever before.

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